Indian Marble Interior Trends for Ultimate Sophistication

Even today, people around the globe cherish the glance of one of the most beautiful wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Crafted with finesse, this art has been an icon of pride to the lineage of the human race. Apart from being treasured for the iconic love story that this Indian monument keeps alive, it is also admired for its perpetual beauty. Distinctive architecture covered by the beauty of marble makes the Taj Mahal one of the most loved places in the records of tourism. This is how timeless the beauty of Indian Marble is. 

Entire world values the charisma and uniqueness of India, along with its extolled history. They love the essence of pride, valor, and justice in the stories from the past. What stands as a testimony to those stories are the ancient artifacts. One of those durable things is the Indian Marble, which has successfully sustained the soul of that bygone era. To all the places it has been applied, it never goes out of style. 

Being a luxurious natural store exclusively quarried in the mines in India, Indian Marble is highly demanded as both the slabs and fully-polished tiles. It is because of its natural diversity in vein patterns, texture, and colors that they can be experimented with utmost versatility, thus making it the favorite choice of every architect. 

Although there is an availability of a wide range of marble colors in India, Morwad white marble has continued to be known for its outstanding luxury and elegance. Along with having the vintage connotation, it stands perfect for the minimalistic and modern decor as well. More and more people prefer taking home the luxury and opulence of Indian marble that finds its application on the walls, floor, in the bathroom as well as in exterior spaces. 

Have you ever noticed how the house of a millionaire is portrayed in movies? Our imagination immediately jumps to the lavish interiors, accentuated with marble. And this lays emphasis on the fact that using marble in interiors makes your home look more luxurious and welcoming. 

When we hold the catalog of all types of Indian Marble, we can not choose what type or color will go the best with our interiors without expert advice. But here, let us give you some insights on the trends you need to catch if you are looking to renovate your interiors with Indian Marble:


1.  Introduce the hint of nature:

As the population keeps multiplying, the spaces continue to shrink. This proportionally affects the lack of natural view outside the window. One can not simply deny how refreshing and soothing it is to reconnect with nature. 

Architects are shifting their focus towards bringing a dash of outdoors, indoor. The interior spaces can have Morwad white marble that creates a peaceful ambiance. When accompanied by beautiful floral murals and natural elements like planters and vines, the space is sure to be your happy place to unwind. 

2.  The kitchen gets a marble makeover:

The kitchen nowadays is more than just being the key utilitarian. The kitchen space has come out of the four walls to be an open, luxurious space where the food can be cooked as well as served in the most classy way. Marble countertops are becoming the centerpiece of attraction in the kitchen. Choose from the range of patterns and colors available in Indian marble, that will last until eternity.   

3.  Luxury at every corner of the bathroom:

Pure white marble tiles on the floor represent absolute purity and subtle vibrance in the interiors of your bathroom. Each of the marble tiles is so unique in veining, pattern, and markings, that when installed together, they uplift the luxe of that space.

Interior designers are taking the attribute of luxury all over the place by covering the sink, walls, and bathtub with marble. 

4.  Finishes that reflect your style:

After having spent a larger part of the past year inside our home, we all know how crucial it is to harmonize with the bright and uplifting shades. Innovative finishes that the marble suppliers in India have to offer add a sense of vigor and freshness to the overall application. These finishes allow the light to shine through and make the spaces look cleaner and more elite.

Moreover, nowadays, architects recommend advanced strengthening finishes that increase the life of the stone.

Diving deeper into the subject, people around the world choose Indian Marble for its promising strength. Extensively quarried in the areas of Rajasthan, the following are the Indian Marbles that top the charts for being the most demanded ones:


     1. White Marble:

 • It makes the home look more spacious.

 • It can be easily applied as a slab or the ready-to-fix white marble tiles to adorn the walls, floor,  tabletops, and countertops alike.

 • It goes beautifully well with all the accents in the interiors. 

white marble


     2. Morwad Marble:

• It is the most popular option as well as the easier-to-maintain marble for the kitchen tops and countertops. 

• It adds subtle interest into space without adding too much color into the aura. 

Morwad marble


     3. Onyx Pink:

• Flooring, cladding, or countertops, Onyx pink marble never goes out of style.

• It has subtle hues of pink and green introduced into its one-of-its-kind appearance.

• This Indian Marble can be the best choice for both the exterior as well as interior spaces.



     4. Onyx Green:

• Also called the unicorn of Indian Marble, Onyx green has a charm of its own.

• Adding them to any space would reduce the cost of upkeep and maintenance. 

• They shine naturally and uplift the room beautifully.



     5. Pista White:

• Think of a bright marble interior space that reflects an optimistic feel about it, and this Indian Marble steals the limelight.

• It can be a great option for bathroom interiors.



     6. Katni Beige:

• Inarguably timeless, Katni Beige Indian Marble is the favorite choice of the top interior designers and architects of India. 

• It looks pristine on the whole and gives a good amount of flexibility to experiment with the interior decor.



Taking home the right choice of marble is not a decision that is taken overnight. Right from ideation to application, it is a journey that helps you define a space that speaks about your personality. But it is only with the most reliable marble suppliers in India; you can have this process simplified.


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