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Welcome To Soni Marbles

Soni Marbles was incorporated in 1981; since then, we have witnessed unbeatable success in the Country. Soni Group now owns mining and manufacturing units in Morwad and Rajsamand of Rajasthan to produce white marble stones and granite. With the vision to bring the world’s best collection of Morwad marbles to India, we have been expanding and exploring the Indian market.

The company proudly offers the top-notch quality of rare stones. Presently, we have an annual installed production capacity of 0.5 million tonnes per annum. Being the leading white marble manufacturer in India, we serve the most extensive Morwad marbles and Madurai Gold Granite array. Our competitive price band of granite marble in Rajasthan varies from stone to stone. We acquire the most exotic and premium kitchen granite stone and marbles in the prices; you would not think twice before buying. Our broadest range of white marble stones does not constraint the buyer from choosing the right colour and pattern for their home.

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Soni Marbles shares an undisputable reputation as a white marble supplier in the industry and is one of India’s most trusted granite and marble exporters. We entered the territory of Indian marbles as a stone exporter and gradually incorporated all the manufacturing units and divisions to entice the unique and different variety of marbles for the house. The location of the company ensures the maximum potential in manufacturing and exporting granite marbles nationwide.

Having a team of skilled workers trained to work with advanced machinery, we sell the supreme products made from marble stones in Rajasthan. Whether it is about marble inlays, staircases, or bathroom accessories, we strive to embody your imaginations and bring them to reality.

The state of the art design lets your interiors and exteriors speak for themselves. Not only in India, but we have also proven our work abroad. The picturesque work done on the marble pieces have created elegant offerings to fulfil your decor needs.

Working with designers of the cream categories, we have earned an added advantage and let you avail of the most out of it. Even with fewer intricate patterns, our stone showcases utter details. Yet, the group’s most notable achievement is being recognised globally for enduring competence and efficiency.

Our mandate, since the beginning, is to bridge the gap between your ideas and reality. We manufacture the prime quality of granite and marbles, from luxurious high-end floorings to minimalistic and beautiful kitchen countertops to allure your home beautifully.

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Explore Spectacular Range of Granite and Marble

SWe provide a wide range of marble products of all kinds. Ever since its inception, Soni Marbles has had an uppercut through its finest quality stones, including Granite, Indian Marble, and Sandstone. Each category has distinct robustness and elegance. Our collaboration with international vendors allows you to choose from the premier varieties. The products made from Italian marble, Onyx, and Quartzite, offer you a thing of beauty, elegance, and strength after combining the old traditions and new technology. Well-equipped to precisely meet your demands, our artisans put all their efforts to bring out the life in marble pieces and sustain our leading position in granite exporters in India.

About Us

Soni Marbles: The Symbol of Beauty and Robustness

With a success story of 25 years in production and supply of the best quality marbles, Soni Group now owns mining units in Morwad and Rajsamand of Rajasthan for production of white marble blocks and granite. Presently, we have production capacity of 0.5 million tonnes per annum.

  • Top-Notch Quality Marble
  • Collaboration with International Marble Vendors
  • Elegant offerings to cater to all your flooring and decor needs
  • High production capacity to meet the growing demand
  • An epitome of elegance and robustness
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I own a retail store in Agra wherein I offer marbles of Soni Marbles. It has been 11 years that I am associated with Soni Marbles but never once I had to face any issues. Be it supply chain or the quality of marbles, everything is smooth till date. In fact, I have never faced any issue from my customers regarding the quality of offerings by Soni Marbles. Hope this relation flourish with coming years.

Kalpit Sharma

All my villas in Mumbai that are for sale have Vietnam White and Galala Egyptian Marble by Soni Marbles. These high-end quality marbles are eye-catching and really escalate the elegance of my villas. I have certain commercial projects coming up and I am surely going with Soni Marbles again.

Hemant Trivedi

I purchased Italian marble and white marble for my jewellery showroom and my home. It’s been almost a year that they are there in both these places but the shine and gloss are still the same. The quality is excellent and the marbles by Soni Marbles helped in increasing the beauty quotient of my business place and home. Soni Marbles also helped me in the installation.

Keshav Porwal

Two of my completed residential projects in Delhi have marbles from Soni Marbles. The marbles are of premium quality available at a competitive price. They have also helped me bag some positive feedbacks from the buyers of my apartment. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the marbles.

Rajat Bhatia