White Marble

February 8, 2022

The magnificent Indian stone!

Marble is a one-of-a-kind natural stone that has been used since the beginning of time. The construction industry has come up with various new materials and […]
January 20, 2022

What Will Be the Future of White Marble Stone?

When planning to design or remodel a home, numerous factors to consider. Different homes have different focal points. However, the kitchen and drawing room areas remain […]
November 19, 2021

Why is Taj Mahal counted amongst the 7 wonders of the world?

Taj Mahal has been one of the seven wonders of the world and is undoubtedly a part of the bucket list for every visitor coming to […]
August 28, 2021

Why Styling White Marble Is Every Designer’s Dream

Whether you are an interior designer by profession or it is just one of your hobbies, the more you get to discover white marble stones, the […]
June 26, 2021

Indian Marble Interior Trends for Ultimate Sophistication

Even today, people around the globe cherish the glance of one of the most beautiful wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Crafted with finesse, this […]
August 18, 2016

The White Marble Diaries: About the Taj Mahal, Makrana Marble, and More

White Marble has seen its beauty evolve into beautiful structures since ages now. From the seven wonders of the world to the elite hotels, to homes, […]
August 18, 2016

Stone Diaries: How to choose the right marble for Home

Marble is a world in its own. One of the nature’s most amazing creations. It takes millions of years to produce this natural stone, which is […]
August 18, 2016

Stone Diaries: Another Beautiful Stone Story

There is something about marbles that is attractive. That makes it beautiful. The colour, the texture, everything about it is beautiful, non-flashy… yet elegant, and exquisite […]