Stone Diaries: A Flashback

Marbles make the floor luxurious. Marble makes the most exquisite building. Marble makes the most amazing architecture. Since thousands of years, marble makes the world a better place to be there are thousands of varieties of marbles available.

One of the most amazing facts about marble is, it has no name in specific. It’s mostly named after the place/mining region it is mined from. Like Marana stone is nothing but the marble mined in the Makrana region of Rajasthan India. Similarly, Myra stone is nothing both the marble mined in the Myra region of Italy.

Marble defines unity in diversity. We have marble that makes it a beautiful experience to work upon. Making it pretty. The floors are made elegant, they are made strong. Culturally symbolizing unity, as different types of marbles are mined from different parts of the  world. So various cultures’ are shared with marble.  Like a story being told.

Marble is an amazing world in itself. The first choice of the most eminent people/places. Marble is beautiful. Marble is charming. Marble is pretty. Marble is sophisticated. Marble is everything. It provides strength to the building. Like a backbone. At the same time, it makes the place beautiful, plush, like the skin. Created in the womb of Mother Nature, this mysterious world of stones is one of the most amazing way of exchanging cultures, bringing the world together, making the world a better place. Bringing countries together. Bringing people closer.

The states specifically known for their marble mining in India are Rajasthan, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat  and some other parts of Southern India. Rajasthan is one of the biggest mining hubs of marble in India. Certain varieties like Bidasar, Makrana, sandstone, and other varieties, are one of the most plush varieties.


Marble, just like a diamond, is mined, and the selection of the quality depends on the purity. The marbles, while they are made by nature, if the calcite gets mixed with any mineral, might give patterned colors. If symmetrical, they form a pattern, and then the costs go high. But if there are unspecific, unsymmetrical impurities, it’d lead to lowering of the marble prices.

The best deals in Marbles at all kinds of price ranges, in India could be found in Rajasthan, specifically Udaipur, Kishangarh, Makrana, where the local miners and factories sell marbles, right from the raw form to the final tiled forms, depending upon the buyer’s needs.


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