Why Marble for Kitchen should be your first focus?

We live in an era where we have multiple interior options with durability and an elegant appearance. When these two qualities are concerned, the number one option is Marble. The best part is- Marble is forever and versatile. You can put it anywhere you want! The kitchen, foyer, bathroom, countertop, or flooring. There is a vast range of Marble for kitchen and other purposes when it comes to micro-level product needs and availability. Several thicknesses of marble slabs may be offered depending on the individual needs. For instance, the 2 and 3 cm thick slab is the most prevalent in the kitchen. Since you might be required to put heavy utensils and objects, this is considered durable. However, one can also customise the slab thicknesses.  

For years, we have seen marble application in our kitchens and commercial places. Now, when Marble’s multiple hues, the application is even more comprehensive for design purposes. But the kitchen countertops remain the number one point of application. The latest application of marble stones comes with cladding and exterior design of homes. This fashion has become more prevalent in the West, increasing the demand for Marble from India. The Rajasthan’s Makrana belt has most of the population in marble mining. There is a row of limestone rocks and hills processed to obtain marble slabs. People from different parts of India come here for marble purchases. And, it is not only famous in India but distant foreign lands too.

The kitchen is undoubtedly the place where we have a lot of work and activities all around the day. The living might be necessary to many families, but the kitchen is essential to the majority. Since there is a lot of consideration about finding just the right piece for marble countertops, here is some critical piece of advice:

The kitchen serves as a hub for various activities and is constantly bustling. When it comes to the kitchen, the mood and design are essential. And a chef understands the importance of every detail.  

Here is how to find the suitable Marble for kitchen countertops:

Consider the veining patterns. 

Designers have combined the two basic cuts to produce some incredible marble styles. They may do a vein cut on the wall and a cross-cut on the floor. Since Every marble quarry is distinct, there are unique veining patterns. Besides, the veining can be achieved by cutting marble blocks in different ways. The cutting of marbles in a cross fashion produces an open floral print, while the Vein cut creates a striped and linear appearance. 

If you’re concerned about spots and stains, white Marble can be the ultimate choice: 

There is a common misconception about whites being the most demanding stones for countertops in the kitchen. Let’s spill the beans here. When most people think of black and other dark hues as a great option, the white marble from Rajsamand marble mines may be the most excellent option. The natural and chemical properties make it outstanding for application in the kitchen.  

Since Acid etching leaves a pale mark on coloured Marble that is significantly more obvious than on white marble. Every black marble for kitchen countertops comes with a thousand disclaimers, but it’s still a personal decision. Classic marbles are generally of high quality and make excellent kitchen countertops. Here is what to remember before you make a decision: 

Select a Finish 

Okay, the marble countertops happen to be in one of your home’s busiest rooms, but all is not lost. The finish you select might have a significant impact on upkeep. While a polished surface is more prone to exhibit wear and etching, a dull finish will age more gracefully over time. It’s the same with how the corners are finished. The narrow-cut corners are more likely to break and chip than rounded ones. 

Curve the edges of your countertop. 

Apart from its engraved natural beauty, there’s a reason marble has long been favoured: it’s simple to work with. And simple approach for cleaning and working makes a stone ideal for kitchen use. When you add sophisticated design and processes, practically anything is conceivable for kitchen design. There has been an equivalent rise for better methods, along with the vast scope of marble mining in Rajasthan. So, based on your requirements, you can pick what suits you the best!

There are many edge profiles to pick from, but Groves favours a simple softened edge that softens the harshness of a straight 90-degree corner.

Keeping in mind the above tips, you can be sure about the proper marble selection! Now, we are giving you seven tips that will ensure a perfect pick!

Here are the seven ways to choose the right marble countertops:

  • Make sure the perfect slabs are chosen that are free of fractures & stains. Keep an eye on artificial colours. So, before you buy, do some market research. Scratching the surface gently might be used as a spot inspection.  
  • Choose slabs with the same thickness and dimensions. Also, purchase high-quality slabs that have been validated and tested for use. The Marble obtained from Rajsamand marble mines is an example of superior quality. So, make sure that you know enough about the marble quarry to have a perfect pick. Buying from an ISO-certified provider is the safest option. You can also try different manufacturers catering to marble mining in Rajasthan.
  • Make sure that your pick of colours is all-natural and devoid of chemicals. Artificial coloured Marble is usually coated with a sealant to preserve the colour from fading, and as a result, it is not easily scratched. Scratches and cuts will show up on a raw and uncoloured stone. 
  • Selecting the suitable Marble and research is just the beginning. Many people overlook the element of the installation. Installation of marble countertops should be done carefully by skilled labour. Poor installation of a slab laying can result in breakages. 
  • As you examine several marble slabs, remember to retain an open mind. Do you want solid veins or something a little lighter? Understanding your preferences will help you through the process with ease and clarity. Do you want a slab with a lot of variation or one with a lot of consistency? Remember that the colour and texture of the Marble you select will be a part of your decor for many years.  
  • Even though Marble is a long-lasting material, it requires specific attention and maintenance. So, before picking anything, research the level of care needed and whether are you ready for that much maintenance of marble countertops.
  • Last but not least, when selecting a marble slab, go with your gut. Admire the features and appearance. If the chosen slab is a delight to you, ensure that its qualities are suited for your application. Beautiful marble slabs are easy to come by, but discovering one that speaks to your heart is an exceptional find.

Finding the perfect piece does not ensure about the appearance only. The quality has an equal weightage too. With these tips, you will no longer have to hunt about the features and essentials for selecting the best! The tips mentioned above are a perfect piece of information for your constant hunt of finding the best granites and marbles across the quarries and mines! 

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