The A – Z Of Granite Countertops

Architects & designers have discovered a variety of natural stones that can be used for various purposes in our homes. Two things will confuse you the most when deciding on interior design elements! First, what should the color theme of the space be, and second, what kind of flooring and decor elements should be used in the area? The answer to all these questions is a straightforward one! One can use Granite for flooring, cladding, and decor of other elements in the space. Besides, the granite countertops are also one of the favorite trends of the year! Many architects and designers have come up with different uses of this material. However, the countertops remain on the top of the list.

Granite is one such material that can enhance the aesthetics of our homes while providing maximum durability. It is a dense, complex volcanic rock composed of minerals like quartz, feldspar, & mica. In Rajasthan, there are numerous suppliers of granite stone with high-quality materials. The Makrana belt of Rajasthan is particularly famous for Rajasthan black galaxy granite, rock suppliers, and rock deposits. 

In the fashion statements, black is at the top of the list. Every year, we see a lot of color trends going and coming. The color fashion fads are also changing with the seasons. However, black is the season of all colors. For home interiors, black is the color that never goes out of style! If you, too, are a lover of statement and bold colors like black, this blog is for you. Let’s have a look: 

“Black is a real experience, even if it is dark.” 

The absence of colors is black, but it is still the statement color on every front. It effectively absorbs the brightness of all colors in the color spectrum. Even if you are not a fan of black but still prefer black, there are different types of Granite in black hues. This could be one of the reasons why black is so appealing. You can find black Granite along with green shades, grey hues, etc. 

If the owners are ardent fans of bold and statement interior designs, black themes can be found in modern homes.

Why go for Rajasthan Black Granite? 

The ease of availability and affordability across all income groups are essential factors to consider when selecting Granite or any other stone. And if we look at the selection, we can see that there are vein designs, line patterns, and various colours. Besides, you will find almost every structure in every budget. There are no limiting factors here!  

Besides, the Granite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. So, if you’re adding a piece of Granite at any corner of your home, you can be assured of natural and timeless luxury. And the best part is that you’re doing it on a shoestring budget. There are many pattern and color options, so you’ll be able to find a suitable slab as per your needs and interior demands. Some granites like the Rajasthan Granite are extremely popular as slabs and countertops.

A black wall has the potential to be a show-stopper. And we have no arguments here. A wall made of black granite stone can steal all the focus. Usually, the architects use this concept in the kitchens and enormous halls. To enhance the effect of this focused element, it is combined with contrasting components. The white sofa, patterned rug, and cushions are some of the best examples that help to emphasize the room’s contrasting colours. 

Many people prefer black couch upholstery because it forgives beverage spills and dirty hands or feet. This is a one-of-a-kind benefit with black upholstery. This is also why people with children prefer black bedding and sofas. However, if you deliberate and put on a great show with decor elements, you will have a one-of-a-kind space that everyone will admire!

Because of its natural colors, granite stone in Rajasthan has an organic and homogeneous appearance. As a result, Granite complements every room in your home beautifully. Warm and bold colors are used alike to create an iconic space. Even if you want more paints, you can easily find them with the dealers in Rajasthan.

We are affirmative that by now, you have enough resources on how to bring about the best from your black granite stones. And now it is the time to guide you on the best selection. So here are a few tips that can help you pick the best slab.  

Perform a visual inspection. 

This is the first step for selecting any material. Whether you will buy a stone or a piece of cloth, make sure to make a thorough visual check! Check for any dents, scrapes, or cracks. Even if a minor fracture exists, it can grow significantly more significantly over time, especially if something is dropped on it. So, make sure you pick the best!

Examine the size, thickness, and edges. 

The thickness is a personal preference, and it is directly related to budget and countertop location. The thickness factor could also be related to the colors of Rajasthan granite. Check that the corners are straight to fit perfectly in your space without taking up too much space. It would help double-check the dimensions to ensure that it is cut to the exact size you requested. Because color is derived from chemical composition, color composition is an essential factor. 

There is a lot of interest in the looks and appearances of homes and spaces in today’s world, so we must ensure that we create the best possible environment for every visitor to catch their attention. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but an ideal and versatile material like Granite can do it all with minimal effort.

Examine for porosity. 

Place 3-4 droplets of lemon juice on the stone’s surface to test for porosity. If the lemon juice is quickly absorbed into the marble, it is porous. Porosity is an indication of poor quality.

Different types of black granite countertops that can add an outstanding element to your space: 

Absolute Black Granite:  

This Granite needs no further explanation because the name says it all. This granite color scheme can add a touch of timeless beauty and elegance to any space used. The primary reason for its declaration is its audacity. As a result, this is an excellent choice for anyone a die-hard fan of Bold. Black Granite can add a unique touch to your halls, staircases, and ballroom. Furthermore, some people prefer to pair it with white to create a more dramatic environment.

Black Galaxy Granite: 

It is a deep black granite with white, grey, and jet-black specks that create a space-like granite slab that pairs beautifully with white cabinetry, reversing the typical modern high-contrast black and white style. 

With so many verification points and varieties of Granite, you can always make an informed decision about your choice. There are so many different types of granite stone in Rajasthan that you can find a different color for each application. Even if you want to stick to a single color, you have got multiple hues of the same! 

Granite countertops come in various hues and shades, making it simple to match the countertop to the kitchen design, flooring with the theme, and decorating with the furniture. Overall, it is strong, challenging, and scratch-resistant, and it retains its luster for a more extended period than other materials. 


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