Stone Diaries: Another Beautiful Stone Story

There is something about marbles that is attractive. That makes it beautiful. The colour, the texture, everything about it is beautiful, non-flashy… yet elegant, and exquisite in its own manner. Every line, every pattern, every grain of the marble speaks its own story. A story of being buried in the womb of the earth for years and decades. A story yet to be told. A story to be narrated and described by the people, in the form of exquisite floorings. In the form of beautiful sculptures. In the form of designs.

There are various types of marbles. Various colours, various styles, various patterns. Every stone speaks its own story. Every colour is exquisite. Every pattern is plush.

There are various places over history which speak of the glorious use of this beautiful stone. They have spoken for themselves over the centuries.  Right from the white beauty Taj Mahal, to the   Victoria Memorial in  Kolkata, The White House of the United States, and many more. They have been live examples of the plushness and the use of these beautiful stones.

Marble is about details. It is about style. It is about enigma. Marble speaks for itself. The polish, to add the sheen to the floorings, they not only enhance the look, but also add to the strength of the marble. There are various parameters to judge the quality of the marble.  Some of them are colour, type, purity, lines or no lines, even pattern, beauty, after a polish look etc. Marble, like diamonds, has no price. The cost is decided on the basis of the above-mentioned factors.


There are various types of marble available to make  your lives beautiful. Marble is used everywhere we see. At home, in offices, buildings, railway stations, metro stations, hotels, restaurants. Marble not only adds strength to the building, but also adds that plush charm to the work.

The most common popular places to purchase marble in India is Rajasthan, Gujarat, and some parts of Southern India. The most popular among them is Rajasthan. There are many mining regions in Rajasthan, like Udaipur, Rajsamand, Makrana, Banswara, with hundreds of varieties of marbles.  Each region has its own specialty of marble. Like Makrana has the famous marble by the same name. The white marble, the pink marble, with several names, as per the shades and others.

One can choose from these qualities and as per the budget and requirement make the best choice for themselves.


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