Rajasthan Granite: The Range Of Highly Demanded Stone

Luxury, luxury, luxury! This is all that dominates the decision-making while getting our home interiors done. Accepting it or not, maintaining the luxury quotient is the most dominant part in making many choices in interiors. A lot of times, something catches our attention and sits at the back of our subconscious mind. We save ideas and inspirations for the day when we will be getting our own home built. But when the time comes, most of us go blank! No one can be certain in just one go about how everything they like will coordinate. More than imagination, it is a matter of execution that is better left in the hands of Interior experts.  For those who love to have everything unique and enticing in their house, Rajasthan Granite is undoubtedly going to be their first choice. Rajasthan owns a glorious history and everything coming from this place is an art in itself. The aboriginal handicrafts, the native art, and the stone mined in the quarry regions of this state are nothing less than diamonds. 

The most substantial reason why people love granite stone in Rajasthan is the timelessness of this stone. Each of the slabs is unique and has attributes of its own, that remain unique for a long period of time. To know better why Rajasthan Granite has a special place in the hearts of all the architects and home interior enthusiasts, take a read:

6 reasons why Rajasthan Granite is the #1 choice?

Contemporary construction or traditional, architects and designers love to play with their creativity with Granite stone. Why? Because of:

• Extensive range of finishes:

The sparkling look of granite and the splendor it holds make granite everyone’s first choice. It’s not just about the grandeur that makes heads turn, but also the unmatched durability that comes along this Indian stone. The best part about Rajasthan granite that excites the architects and designers is how granite multiplies the beauty of the interiors, exteriors, and landscapes. What comes as a cherry on the tops is the variety. Open the granite manual, and you will want to have a closet for your home as well, so that you can apply a new granite look at your home each day as per your mood. But on a serious note, you will have countless options in surface finishes like flamed, chiseled, rustic, polished, etc. Every addition is sure to add value to your property.

• The clean and modern look:

The major credits for aesthetics go straight away to the most dominant part of any setting, i.e., the Granite. With the types of granite in Rajasthan, you are sure to get all types of elegant, classy, quirky, light and dark granite options that can cater to all your needs. The ease of finding a perfect fit for your exteriors (facade cladding, driveways, swimming pools) and interiors (bathrooms, kitchen or table countertops, living rooms) and landscapes is the maximum when you source granite from Rajasthan.

• Sustainable option:

Granite is inherently sustainable and environment-friendly. Its unmatched durability, easy-care, attributes of being recyclable and enduring makes them a favorable choice in every setting. Rajasthan Granite can easily be transformed into many ways as per the need of the interior. It is cut with expertise, finished and then installed in, with minimum wastage, contributing to the concept of green building.

• Strength and resistance:

Other than being the natural beauty, Rajasthan Granite is impervious to high temperatures and damage. It remains just the same level of beauty for years down the line. Its high resistance to heat, scratches and moisture, makes granite a suitable option for kitchen countertops. You can put the hot pan right out of the oven, onto the surface without holding the fear of any damage.

• Goes with all interiors:

The biggest blessing granite comes with is the VARIETY! One can find the various types of granite available for all the different kinds of interiors. All the slabs can easily be transformed into smaller forms and can be installed into the interiors. Sheer elegance and high durability adds to the list of reasons why granite from Rajasthan is the best.

• Unique for generations to come:

Each of the slabs is uniquely different from another, in terms of veins or shades. The permutation and combination of different shades and features makes sure that the granite you buy today, remains unique to you for centuries to come. 


 Types of granite in Rajasthan that are one of its kinds:

1. Sierra Grey:

The subtle charm and elegance of this granite do justice to almost any corner of the house. One can simply not deny the exuberance, this shade of granite imparts when the walls of the setting are white or of any lighter shade. Calling for minimum care and maintenance, Seira Grey is one of the most hot-selling variants of Rajasthan Granites. The greenish-blue texture with white and black freckles, supplement the grace of any place (say bathroom, kitchen countertops, living room interiors, or stairs) they are applied to.   


2. Gibli Gold:

Gibli Gold Granite

Bright and uniform, Gibli Gold rules the market when it comes to buying a granite option that attracts the most. Commercial space or residential, this granite can infuse the element of grandeur with a stir of playful details that it has in it. Be it for the floors, kitchen countertops, wall capping or other interiors, Gibli gold wins hearts because of its high durability and golden yellow charm.  


3. Impala Black:

 Impala Black Granite

The natural beauty and subtle opulence make this granite a grand addition to any interiors. The slabs are scratch-resistant as well as highly polished to reflect the elegance in your choice. Office spaces or domestic setting, Impala Black is the most popular granite from Rajasthan that spreads the magic at kitchen countertops, paving, fireplaces, and memorials.


4. Platinum White:

platinum white garnite

The most versatile choice out of the myriad options available in Rajasthan granite, Platinum white is very beautiful. Its disintegrated patterns and scratch-resistant character make it a common choice. The best part is that when polished smooth, this granite slab makes the area look like a hotel or some luxury place. It compliments almost every type of interior setting. 


5. New Kashmir White:

Kashmiri white Granite

Again the best choice for any place that is purposed to serve luxury. New Kashmir white has a cottony white color with its cloud-like patterns that look quite contemporary. This granite type can go really well with all the rustic, country-style, vintage, or cottage type of settings. 


These are just a few of the most favorite types of granite mined from Rajasthan. With their endurance and beauty combined, these slabs make the #1 choice of all architects and designers. We can help you find the best fit for your space with the most exquisite collection at Soni Marbles. Unmatched quality and beautiful finish in marbles and granites from our expert team, help us leave behind the legacy of quality.


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