Quality checks to do before buying Rajasthan granite

The early 19th century witnessed a massive application of granites for various purposes. The top applications included countertops and flooring. Since then, Granite has been widely known as a multi-purpose and a ‘down to earth’ stone. Designers from all across the globe began experimenting and bringing new ways to apply Granite! In the Indian context, one can see a massive application of Granite in its multiple forms. And that’s why it is said that there is a granite stone for everyone. You might find a wide assortment of Rajasthan white granite in different forms. The Makrana belt of Rajasthan has been famous for its marble and Granite for many years. Nature has blessed this region with Limestone, and therefore this area has several export houses and businesses that cater to local needs. 

The easy availability and affordability across all the income groups add to the prime factors of choosing Granite in India. And if we look at the assortment- you have vein designs, line patterns, and a lot of Rajasthan granite colors. You’re adding a natural and timeless luxury to your pace because Granite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock. And the best part- you are doing it without breaking the bank. There are hundreds of pattern and color possibilities to pick from, so you’re sure to find a suitable slab. Some granites like Rajasthan white granite stone and black Granite are highly popular. But here we have some more information for you.

Popular Rajasthan granite variants: 

Absolute Black Granite: 

Undoubtedly, this Granite does not need any more explanation because the name says it all. This granite color can add a touch of timeless beauty and elegance wherever it is applied. The prime reason for its statement is its bold nature. So, this is an excellent pick for all the people who are ardent lovers of Bold. Black Granite can give an extra character to your halls, staircases, and ballroom. Besides, some people prefer to pair it with white to make a more dramatic space. 

Viscon White Granite: 

 While “pure” white slabs are rare to find, their specks and uneven grey marks add to their distinct personality. Elements made of white Granite are an absolute example of refinement and beauty. They have the most characteristic compatibility as they look great in every space. They come in various colors, making it simple to select one that matches your style. 

Alaska white granite: 

This stone has an extra character with darker minerals strewn throughout. Alaska White granite slabs have a wide range of appearances, with some slabs being far more appealing than others. The most appealing Alaska White granite slabs have a bright, dazzling background with silver and white tones. The neutral hues are uniformly spread in a pleasing pattern throughout these slabs, ranging from milder neutrals to dark greys.

Black Granite: 

It’s as awesome as it sounds: Black Galaxy Granite is a deep black granite with specks of white, grey, and jet black, creating a space-like granite slab that pairs beautifully with white cabinetry, reversing the typical modern high-contrast black and white style.

Gibli Gold: 

Among the many varieties of Rajasthan granite colors, this speckled stone holds the maximum hues with gold, brown, and khaki tones. Alongside, it has bits of black and grey, making it ideal for use as a focal point on your walls, countertops, and kitchen. Since this stone has multiple hues, It could also function as a neutral countertop. However, this depends on the granite color you get from a particular slab.  

Lavender Blue: 

So, how many of you would want to add a pop of color with countertops and flooring. It is undeniable that experimenting with a kind of blue hue will demand a lot of courage, but that will bring out a unique space in your home! It is an Ice white granite stone with a trace of pale blue. This would look great in any environment with a cold and serene color scheme.  

Desert Brown: 

Not many people are fond of browns, but this is an exceptional bold which does the minimal loud. Brown Granite is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking something a little different. It combines brown and black and white to create a mosaic-like effect that appears to be much more expensive. 

With so many kinds of Rajasthan granite around, you will find everything you are looking for. Indeed, the list can go on with many other hues, but now you must know some intelligent suggestions and tips for getting that perfect slab. 

Granite quality varies significantly from place to place, and even within the same region, the slab’s shading, pattern, and design can be pretty varied. Seeing the stone slabs in person is the best way to see them. 

Understanding that the names of these stones aren’t genuinely relevant unless you’re looking for industry-standard stones. Let’s look at it; how?

Make a visual inspection. 

When inspecting the Granite, check to determine if the backing is made of plywood. Examine the vehicle for any dents, scrapes, or cracks. Even if a bit of fracture exists, it can get significantly more significant over time, especially if anything is dropped on it.

Check the dimensions, thickness, and straightness of the edges. 

The thickness is determined by your personal preference, your budget, and the location of the countertop. Make sure the corners are straight, so it fits precisely in your space without taking up too much room. You want to double-check the dimensions to make sure it’s cut to the precise size you asked for. The thickness component might also relate to Rajasthan granite colors. Since the color comes from chemical composition, the color composition can be a detrimental factor.

Examining the Polishing Quality of the Slabs 

This is one of the most ignored aspects in determining the stone’s quality. The quality of polish has a significant impact on the overall finish. It is essential because using flat Granite could detract from a clean finish. This parameter becomes more critical in the case of white granite stone. To employ a unique surface, it is essential to assess the quality of surface finishes. 

Check for porosity  

Drop 3-4 droplets of lemon juice on the stone’s surface to check for porosity. The marble is porous if the lemon juice is quickly absorbed into it. Porosity is a sign of poor quality.

With these may points of verification, you can always have an intelligent decision for your selection. There are so many kinds of Rajasthan granite that you can look for a different color for a separate application.

Since this stone is a high-end material prized for its durability and exquisite patterns, You can ensure that you acquire high-quality granite countertops with a bit of study and effort, which most people want. It is a natural volcanic rock that is mined from quarries all over the world. As a result, there’s a potential that the granite quality will vary. Knowing how to use these tactics and what to look for will help you make better decisions. 

If a lower quality suits your needs, Granite is always a good alternative. Just because you think you’re getting a good deal on a countertop doesn’t guarantee you are.

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