Soni Marbles- Elevating Your Interiors With The Best Quality of Granite Stones

Soni Marbles presents the most exotic and alluring varieties of granite stones. Our stones come in hues that are never seen before in the Indian marketplace, like yellow, gold, pink, red, and white. We provide high-quality finishes in stone paving like granite countertops, tiles, and slabs. Our unique granite stones are known for their restrained beauty, significant bearing, and extraordinary hardness. Our ownership as an Indian granite manufacturer has given us the opportunity to serve the diversified needs of the country with the best possible remodeling experience. Our granite prices vary in an affordable price band that any consumer can avail. There are several types of granite available for different purposes. Ideally, these stones are available in tiles and slabs for kitchen countertops.


Granite stones are famous for their natural appearance and strength. Granite tiles and granite slabs are the most popularly used form of natural stones. India is known to produce the most intricate and appealing granite stones. The wide variety and demand for these stones attract a significant amount of people in the market. Granite varies from place to place in its properties like appearance, strength, colors, and texture. Majorly Indian Granite stones are categorized among North Indian Granite and South Indian Granite.

Discover The Different Types Of Granite Stones In India

Soni Marbles serves the broadest range of granite stones. There are various types of granite in India that acquire different specialties within them. Our hand-selected range of granite is available in all sizes and colors. The array of Rajasthan granite indulges the luxurious collections inspired by the beauty of nature. The exciting pattern range and designs allure Indian homes even more. Our one of the most demanded and best-selling granite includes Fantasy Brown Granite or Marble, Alaska White, and Devgarh Black Granite. Each one of these granite stones carries a specialty that complements your home beautifully. 

True granite is a porous, igneous rock that comprises any number of chemical compositions that include quartz as a base. Whether it is a cloudy grey texture or a flowing pattern, every stone differs from the other and gives a unique look to your space. Stones in Rajasthan are famous for their toughness and long-run sustainability. Ever since the company was founded, the primary focus has always been to give your exterior and interior a definition of its natural beauty. Our other types of Granite in Rajasthan include Imperial White, Kashmir Yellow, Madurai Gold, Rosy Pink Granite, Desert Brown, and many more. Explore and discover our offering with unmatchable quality and services to every homeowner, designer, architect, and fabricator.

Various Purposes and Applications Of Granite stones  

Soni Marble’s natural granites are much more than their appearance. They come with numerous usages and applications. Primarily granite stones are used in the kitchen as countertops, platforms, tiles, etc. For every Indian household, granite has been the first option of choice in the kitchen. Granites are not only used as slabs or countertops but are also frequently used in the flooring, walls, and ceilings of the house. People mostly prefer Rajasthan granite due to its spectacular appearance and texture, giving your walls and ceiling an in-depth definition. 

Devgarh Black Granite gives your flooring an impressive intensity with an aesthetic touch. It delivers an inviting ambiance and perfectly compliments your home interior. Our broadest range in colors of granite allows you to experiment and be creative with your space. We take you closer to the natural essence of the stones that are sourced from our manufacturing units. Over the years, we have increased our horizons across the globe. We are one of the leading granite exporters to the USA.  

Our high-end quality in products and logistics has helped many customers to experience outstanding customer service. We aim to provide excellent quality at a reasonable value. We allow customers to pay the entire bill only when they receive the order. Our quick and hassle-free services are available 24*7. We have delivered our granite stones to different country sections like Chandigarh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and many more. Our classic range of granite products is available for all purposes like tiles, ceilings, flooring, images, statues, countertops, slabs, blocks, etc.  

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