Marble in Every Corner Of The House

Marble can be used in various forms and ways. Right from the porch, to the garden, to the lobby, to the rooms, the kitchen, Marble can be applied in various forms to add beauty and aura to the place. The following are some of the ways in which marble might add exquisite beauty to your place.


Floorings: The most common use of marble is flooring. They not only strengthen the build of the floor but also add lushness with its exquisite charm. Marble floorings can be chosen as pure tiles, to blocks to patterns to combination patterns. And colors, varieties… You name it… There are more than 2,000 varieties of marbles, as per the colors, shades qualities etc. One may choose it according to their taste, budget and application.

Garden Décor: From pathways to miniatures, even furniture, marble could be used in many ways to enhance the lushness of your garden. A small tea table made from marble, is low maintenance, as it is easy to setup and wipe clean. And it survives rainy season without any issues. One may pair the table with marble benches. Other options are plastic chairs, or concrete benches, painted to give it a log look. A small marble fountain might also look beautiful.

Miniatures and Sculptures: One may also add charm to the place by installing marble miniatures. Did you know that the oldest miniatures installed in the various parts of the world, are made from marble? They not only look beautiful but also are the masterpieces of the artists. The recent Marble Expo held at Udaipur Rajasthan displayed the miniatures made from marble. Artists from all over the world participated and created wonders out of various types of stones. The results were awe-inspiring sculptures that were extremely pretty.


Platforms and Décor slabs: Marble has been the good old choice for the kitchen platforms. Not just the kitchen, but also any other work platform. Reason is their non reactive nature, and they look beautiful. Apart from being an easy maintenance, they are rough and tough, can take the load of the activities of the kitchen.

Tables: Marble dining tables are really an exotic experience. Paired with the right covers, they not only look beautiful, also are easy to manage. Unlike plywood, they are not affected by extreme heat conditions. Easy to clean, they make an ideal choice for dine in barbeque as well. Also are available really pretty patterned marble table that could be used as the central attractions of your drawing room. Also, they might some quite handy in the form of a small side table.


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