Granite Kitchen Countertops Perfect For A Luxury Home

Isn’t it delightful when someone walks into your home and feels mesmerized by the beautiful kitchen island personalized by you? It sure becomes the focal point of your kitchen because of its architecture and style. Granite has become a high-end alternative to any other stone for making beautiful kitchen countertops

Both durable and good-looking, these granite kitchen countertops are easy to blend in any style you imagine. The range of colors, granite comes in is why every homeowner needs their kitchen countertop to be styled with it. 

Granite kitchen countertops can be easily accentuated with varying colors, finishes, and cabinets to add that luxurious feel to your kitchen interiors. With the versatility of this stone, kitchen remodeling can sometimes be challenging. One has to take care of the budget, of all the minor considerations, the must-haves in their minds, and the modernity quotient of the space altogether. If you are ready to get going for the best kitchen renovation leveraging the granite varieties in India, then we are happy to work with you to help you find the perfect fit. 

Before we reveal our favorite range of granite to you, let us first disclose to you what makes granite unbeatable. Scroll down to know the best-of-best perks of granite that create the magical aura about your kitchen:


1. Scratch and abrasion resistance:

This rock-hard surface is sure to give tough competition to accidental scratches, chips, or cracks. So, even if you have junior hooligans or a lot of messy get-together in your house, you can be completely stress-free about the thought of your granite countertops getting scratched or cracked. So, it’s a 100/100 guarantee for durability. 

2. Super easy to clean:

You have spent a fortune on expensive interior and kitchen backdrops; you would not like to see it greasy and untidy. A black granite countertop looks even more appealing when it is clean and shining. To keep your space spotless, whether it is a black kitchen countertop or a white kitchen countertop, granite is the best option. Just a dip of dish solution on a soft cloth, and sway the surface clean. It requires little to no effort! Plus, it is totally resistant to dirt and bacteria.

3. Resists stains and heat:

Granite is porous, which means it will be covered with a sealing finish that ensures its durability and resistance to heat, stain, and moisture for a longer period. For a refreshing look, you may reapply the sealant annually, this will keep the granite kitchen countertop looking new-like for years to come. It guards amazingly against those coffees and curry stains. 

Granite is so durable that you can even set the hot pans on it without any fear of facing any damage. Too good to be real.. Right?  

4. Economic:

All of these qualities do not make granite unaffordable. The best part is that the purchase and installation of granite is so economical that you can easily make space for some extra additions to accentuate the interior. Moreover, it is easy to maintain, which pays off in the long run.

5. Timelessly Unique:

Extracted from nature, granite shows a natural variation in every two slabs extracted. This ensures that with granite as your kitchen countertop, you will definitely have a unique narrative of your persona for generations to come. 

The unique veins and custom finish can not be mimicked, and thus it makes a promising addition. 

6. Perfect Orientation:

Granite has a flat and smooth surface which makes cooking ergonomically feasible. Moreover, with the flexibility that a black granite kitchen countertop gives, you can constantly upgrade your space with a myriad of accents that blend in well with it.  

7. Easy to maintain:

Spills from the kids, claws of your dearest pets, or an accidental falling of a heavy object, even a white granite kitchen countertop can withstand it all like a pro! Granite surfaces are easy to clean, and even if the repair is needed, it is entirely doable. 

All you need is a professional who can seamlessly repair the surface into looking like new. 

So, bring in all the family gatherings and fun; granite countertop is ready to take it all. Now that you are sure about the durability of these unique granite slabs, let’s make these plans go higher with black and white granite kitchen countertops and all the granite varieties in between. 


Following is our exclusive list of favorite granite slabs for kitchen countertops that can add value to your interiors. So, the best types of granites in India are:


• Black Galaxy: 

An absolute stunner, this black granite can make the most elegant kitchen countertop. Black galaxy granite is dark and has a haywire sprinkle of white dots that makes the surface look like a beautiful galaxy. Accentuated with lamps and rustic wooden cabinets, you are sure to get the feeling of sitting in the kitchen of a luxury cottage.  

black galaxy granite kitchen countertops


• Impala Black:

Not as pompy as the black galaxy granite slab, Impala black granite is a mystically enticing beauty. This black granite kitchen countertop will be frost-resistant and highly durable. If you fancy a contemporary theme in your kitchen, this will surely be your first choice. It is also known as African Impala or eagle black or gabbro impala. 

impala black granite kitchen countertops


• Imperial white:

Having the superpower of being able to fuse in with any decor, this white kitchen countertop is a charmer. Its unmatched elegance and sheen is sure to be the most welcoming feature of your kitchen. 

imperial white granite kitchen countertops


• Platinum White:

This is a playful yet classy granite slab that has a pattern of black freckles throughout. With the grandeur it holds, this white granite kitchen countertop goes excellently well with pops of neon furniture. You can enjoy the splendor in both extremes, i.e., it can look classy with black matte finish cabinets, and it can also look modern and quirky with colorful metallic cabinets. 

platinum white granite kitchen countertops


• Madurai Gold:

One of our most favorites is this Madurai gold granite slab. Subtle color with a unique spread of black dots makes the kitchen interiors look appealing. Explicitly elite, this granite kitchen countertop is sure to turn heads around with its magnificence. 

madurai gold granite kitchen countertops


There are more in our list, but these are the show stealers when applied into the kitchen interiors. If you want us to help you visualize how these granite kitchen countertops can be decorated with the cabinets, wall color, and accents, let us know in the comments. We can create a complete guide for you on that. Moreover, our experts at Soni Marbles are ready to assist you in choosing the best-suited granite kitchen countertop for your home.


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