Everything You Need To Know About Morwad Marble In India

Every person desires to have their dream home, from long walking hallways to their stunning kitchen interiors. In every home design, the choice of marbles plays a significant role. Some people drop the idea of using marbles on the whole because they can not make a judgement as to which one will fit into their setting the best. Marble’s magnificent appeal and strength separate them from the rest of natural stones. This article has talked about one of the most popular marbles, i.e., Morwad white marble.¬†

An Introduction To Morwad Marbles

Morwad marble is a metamorphic rock that is mined from the earth’s surface. These marble stones are widely recognized for their milky white beauty and remarkable appearance. They elevate the aesthetics to attract every person towards it. Morwad white gained popularity when white stone statues became famous. Since ancient times, the religious figures of gods have been made from white marble stones.

They have always been the symbol of purity and peace. Regardless of the area where they are being used or installed, Morwad white marbles enable your space to look different at every glance. Whitestone is a desirable piece of rock in every room. Most of the time, it has always been the first pick of every designer for any project.

A Way Back Journey Of Morwad Marbles

The history of Morwad marbles is similar to every other natural stone that we encounter. Morwad is one of the most beautiful and oldest stones available. Marbles started to gain recognition in the ancient times of Rome and Greece. White and off-white marbles like Morwad white marbles were significantly used in all the statues and sculptures. The craftsmanship, as well as the stone, became inspirations for many famous artisans.

However, in ancient times mining marbles was a lengthy process. Handmade hammers and other types of equipment were used to extract marble from the earth’s surface. And then, wooden beams, pulleys, and levers were used to pull it out from the ground. Apart from being used in statues and other sculptures, many-colored marbles were used in the floorings, countertops, etc. The ancient Roman and Grecian times are almost 2000 years ago, but even today, every culture and tradition appreciates the beauty of Morwad marbles.

How This Beautiful Natural Stone Is Formed?

The metamorphosis of limestone formed from the seabeds and shores, consisting of various elements, sediments, and calcium carbonate. Over a long time, these seabeds are later pushed under the earth’s crust, where the solidification and clay-like texture is gained due to high temperature.

The extreme heat and pressure recrystallize the Morwad marble by interlocking every element together. All the different types of veins and patterns that appear on the marbles’ surface are due to several layers of slit, clay, limestone, grains, and other minerals getting trapped between the marble’s layers. This beautiful formation of a natural stone takes almost hundreds of years. The stone you can witness in your home has been through a lot of pressure and heat during its formation and then mined for the following process.

Different Processing And Treatments Of Marble Stones

After the Morwad white marble extraction from the quarries of the mountains and landscape, it is then followed up by numerous processing and other treatments before it gets ready to be installed in your homes. Morwad white is one of the varieties of white marbles, due to which its processing time is critical.

Blockers of marbles are then cut into quarries and then transported to other treatment plants. Various processes like polymerization, Vacuum Resin, File Netting, Slicing, Glass fiber coating, washing, scanning, and many more. You might get surprised by the numerous processing and treatments for one kind of marble. These procedures are all the same for almost every type of natural stone. A stone must go through all these steps because if they miss out on any stage, it might cost you the quality of Morwad marble.

Morwad Marbles- An Ultimate Choice For Every Home In India

There will always be an alternate option to choose from when it comes to natural stone. But why lurk around when you can get the best Morwad white marble for your space. Even though its seamless appearance and design have successfully stolen all the hearts, it never stands back in the quality parameter as well.

Morwad white’s applications are well known to all who appreciate these alluring stones. From exclusive floorings to irresistible wall claddings, it glides into every corner perfectly by symbolizing the message of peace and calmness, these stones your space to look enlarged and open. It reflects the most amount of light which allows your space to breathe in as outdoors. Designers have always found Morwad marbles an exceptional choice of marble stones for every home and commercial project. Their appearance is so attractive and graceful that you need not do much in the decor. “Less is beautiful” is a phrase that seems quoted just in praise of these incredible rocks.


The glamorous milky white marble gives a delicate appearance regardless of the placement. It enables your space to look luxurious in a more subtle way. The beauty of Morwad white is how grounded these stones will make you feel. The rich appearance never seems enough to look at.


The long-standing quality of Morwad white marbles is a well-known attribute all across the world. The strength of these natural stones showcases their years of making and how rigid they are even after years of installation.

Glamorous Finish

A silky smooth finish of marble is always the first property that attracts people. If maintained well, Morwad marble never loses its glossy finish regardless of its usage.


Morwad white marble is one of the most exquisite types of natural stones. They excel in every parameter, from appealing looks to extraordinary strength. Create fine interiors and exteriors with these fabulous materials. After reading this blog, we hope you will get a clear idea about Morwad marbles and several other properties.


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