8 Fantastic Ideas to Use Granite

A versatile material is always a good choice when it comes to flooring and other building materials! There is a lot to choose from with ever-changing trends and new materials. Marble and Granite are commonly utilised in the flooring of homes, buildings, and commercial structures. Granite is a versatile material utilised on the walls, countertops, and flooring. Across India, various monuments are made of Granite. Because of its hardness, durability, and aesthetic features make polished granite stone countertops are commonly used in Indian-setting homes. 

A closer look at this evergreen stone! 

Granite is an igneous rock created by the solidification of magma. It is deposited under the great depths of the earth. Naturally, It’s a challenging and long-lasting material because of its composition.  

Next comes the colour variety of this stone- so, you can be assured here! It comes in a variety of hues. Granite’s colour depends on the amount and content of feldspar. Black, white, grey, brown and a lot more! So, if you consider a variety of distinct colours for your walls, kitchen tops and aesthetic flooring, it is a go-to option. 

What would be the best use of Granite? 


Granite tiles are ideal for long-term use. Specifically, they are easy maintenance for homes! Since they involve low efforts while cleaning, homeowners love it! Most people focus on the design characteristics, and granite tiles are no exception. Due to the formation of Granite, it may come in a variety of natural patterns and colours. They may be used for a variety of ornamental purposes also. It can be an ideal pick for every kind of interior. 


It can be a striking application as compared to what is Granite used for generally. Like marble, Granite can also be sculpted and moulded into beautiful sculptures. Traditionally, there were vast idols of gods and motifs for gardens in contemporary times. We can still see the same fashion, but with refined ways.

So, whether it’s a memorial, a fountain or a centrepiece for gardens and halls, you can rely on Granite. Next time, when you go to the garden centre, remember to look into granite materials because they are incredibly durable in all types of weather. 


We have got a lot of monuments, and Granite is commonly used to construct long-lasting constructions such as temples, gravestones, and memorials. The Granite carvings are beautiful, and they stand the tough test of harsh weather conditions. Earlier, these carvings and designs were time-consuming. But, as we got the inventions of power tools and equipment, things became much more accessible. It was also time-saving with these machines. As a result, the stone was only utilised for the most significant constructions.

Granite Stone Countertops for Kitchen

A kitchen slab design has a lot of room for improving the kitchen’s appeal. Now is the time. There are several options for kitchen countertops, including marble, laminate, Granite, and steel. Granite stone countertops are the most outstanding choice for these excellent kitchen countertops since they are durable, robust, elegant, and beautifully constructed. Granite stone countertops come in various hues, have a pleasant texture and lovely appearance. They add value to the surface after finishing and polishing.  

Also, the non-porous surface is an excellent plus because of the stain related concerns. 

The fireplace mantles: 

If you are a fan of creating a unique and cosy fireplace mantle in your living area, you must make sure to make it more appealing by utilising a granite piece. An average fireplace may be transformed into a focal point of your whole area. 

Just imagine a massive hall with white hues, and all the fancy furniture and an elegant stone countertop in the corner. Wouldn’t it be great to drag the attention with a solid colour fireplace! It’s a great spot to meet with friends and family over coffee. Also, if you want a perfect focal point that is both smooth and attractive, Granite can be the ultimate option. 

Bathroom countertops: 

The bathrooms have minimal space for adding elements. However, granite stone countertops are a great pick to make them stand out like the rest of the area. To complete the look, you can pick the slab with the most elegant designs and put a decent basin on it. Besides, the bathroom cabinetries can also involve the use of Granite for a sleek design. 

Stones for Pavements:

Granite adds attractiveness to a sidewalk, pathway, or garden patio and provides exceptional resilience to the elements. Granite is highly durable; despite being subjected to harsh weather and regular use. It is a compatible material for all kinds of weather, and that is the best part. Besides, it can do all the job without being much loud. 


Well, this granite furniture can be exceptional, but it is all worth it! Primarily, the role of Granite in furniture application is limited to tabletops. There are various tables in a home, mainly an ample space.  

Whether it is a garden table, a coffee table, a study table, a dining table, or a centre table, the granite design countertops add a lot of beauty and elegance. Also, compared to the wooden and plastic countertops, they are much more durable, lasting for years. 

Granite stone suffices for every purpose and place. These tiles come in various colours, and you can easily find a lot of variety in India. Notably, the Rajasthan belt is the core of all granite stones. The majority of granite exports are also conducted from this region. Also, if you are looking for a one-stop destination for a quality stone, then Soni Marbles can be your ultimate help. 

Here are some kinds of granite stone available with Soni marbles: 

  • Imperial white 
  • Platinum white  
  • Vizag Blue 
  • Monte Cristo 
  • Alaska white  
  • Cristo white 
  • Siera grey 
  • Kashmir yellow 
  • Madurai gold 
  • Desert brown 
  • Tropical green 
  • Cats eye granite  
  • Absolute black 
  • Black Galaxy 
  • Rosy pink Granite 
  • Raw silk 
  • Raw silk pink Granite 

And there are many more on the list for granite varities in India that you can find with them. 


Because Granite is a germ-resistant material, it is the most excellent option for persons concerned about hygiene. Indeed, this property makes it the best for making kitchen tops. Granite is non-combustible, does not burn when hot pots are placed on it, and this is a reason enough for the kitchen use.

Besides, the Cleaning and upkeep of this stone countertop is a breeze, as you need minimal effort. Sweeping and cleaning the floor regularly can keep it looking fantastic. Because Granite has a deep colour and a polished appearance, it is simple to clean after usage. So, your kitchen slab design will shine after years also if you have made exemplary efforts to clean it.

When it comes to selection and variety, Granite stone countertops come in various hues and shades, making it simple to match the countertop to the kitchen design, flooring with the theme, and decorative with the furniture. Altogether, it is strong, robust, and scratch-resistant, and it retains its lustre for a more extended period than other materials. 

In the modern-day, there is a lot of rage after the looks and appearances of homes and spaces, so we have to be sure we make the most excellent place for every visitor to catch their attention. Indeed, there are multiple ways to do that, but an ideal and versatile material like Granite can do it all without much effort. 

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