10 Reasons Why Everyone Love Granite stone

While building any space, the owners are majorly considering the best materials they can install in their lovely room. Possibly, when there is so much to choose from in the market, there comes the point of perplexion! Some aspects like the theme, colour, flooring and furniture material are always a massive fix because there are many options with pros and cons. Perhaps, if you know about the ins and outs of material, things will turn out easier! We have gathered some valuable information to give you a detailed view of one of the best flooring options. Often, you might have heard or seen the granite stone in various applications around homes and offices. Granite is a popular flooring option since it is a gorgeous, sturdy, and long-lasting stone. It is also one of the first stones to be used as an ornamental material for workstations, furniture, and wall décor. In India, there are several varieties of Granite for various purposes. Besides, there is a lot of application of Granite, and you will never go wrong if you have used it for any purpose. 

Firstly, to introduce you well to the stone, we are listing some of the best features, along with the solid reasons to choose it as your ultimate option. 

  • The elegance of granite floors cannot be ignored in any setting. The shining surface, lustrous, and its appearance are stunning! The reason is its chemical composition. Particularly, if you use it in a mall, business building, or home, the area becomes more attractive and timeless. 


  • It is a versatile material! Application of Granite is not confined to flooring only. You might carve out granite countertops, slabs, dining tops, wall claddings, and decorative motifs. And still, you can think of more applications! 


  • Granite can be found in dikes or sills, but it is more commonly found in irregular masses. These sills range in size of about five miles in general. However, they might be spanning hundreds or thousands of square kilometres.


  • Feldspar is the main component of granite stone. plagioclase feldspar and alkali feldspar make the composition of granite. The dominant to subdominant feldspar ratio is less than two. 


  • It is the most commonly found rock under the Earth’s continental crust. It is vast and abundantly available in nature. Perhaps, you might never fall short of the required quantity of this material. Many mountain ranges in India solely holds Granite. 


  • The properties of mineral crystals of Granite reveal that it takes a long time to cool down from its molten phase. 


  • And now, here is the favourite reason of many people! There is a lot of colour option available! You can have many hues, from Rajasthan black granite to shining white and pink! If you like adding distinct colours to your home without many extras, then this material might be ideal for you.


  • Granite is commonly employed in architectural and ornamental projects because of these exceptional qualities.


  • Granite is formed in great heat, it is resistant to high temperatures. As a result, it’s ideal for kitchens and elevation. Hot pots and pans will not damage the surface, and they will retain allure even under the scorching heat of the sun. 

Now that you have some valid reasons to consider Granite as your ideal choice, here are some types of granite stones found in India. Indeed, they will interest you.

Black Granite: 

Often, we come across a shiny surface that attracts and pleases the eye like no other material. Choosing black hues can be a challenging task, but the right task.  

It doesn’t take much to create a striking impression, but it may be used to ground space and link ideas gracefully. It may substantially affect when used in a pattern or against a light background. 

Interior designers use black components such as streaking black stones and Rajasthan black granite to accentuate the floor. These stones are also utilised on bar tops and backsplashes to affect the walls dramatically. 

Among the black hues, you can find different types of Granite. For instance, you can have Deogarh black, faded black, and many more.  

What is it about the black hues that makes it so unique? 

Black has undeniably attractive and is appreciated by everybody. It’s versatile, timeless, and easy to maintain kind of material. This indicates that it may be used in practically any setting and is a popular choice.

Black countertops and wall claddings are the most favourite elements of interior designers in 2021. So, if you too like a bold statement, choose the black hues wisely! 

White Granite: 

This is a complex, shining stone with a long lifespan. White granite is a stable material that is ideal for flooring. It is a preferable choice for people who love White granite tiles come in a range of sizes to suit your flooring requirements. It is fashionable because of its calm appearance and robustness. 

Platinum White: 

This is a stunning white surface material that is perfect for low-cost flooring. Among the various types of Granite in India, these are preferable stones. 

The most prominent advantage of choosing Platinum White over other varieties of granites in India is the pricing. It keeps a soothing ambience with all the elegance. Besides, it gives a lot of charm to space. 

This Granite has a good quality of being weather resistant and has a high life expectancy. It is available in polished, flamed, and other finishes to meet our flooring needs ideally. Platinum White Granite comes in various sizes, making it ideal for flooring. This Granite may also be used for kitchen countertops and other workstations.  

Rosy Pink Granite:  

This is one of India’s most beautiful Granite. If you love a distinct colour palette, then this could be the best pick among all. Furthermore, this is the most suitable stone for cafes and boutiques.  

It is available with intricate designs like veins and lines. A variety of this pink Granite  

Is obtained with grey hues also. And this makes it more unique.  

Just like other granite stones, this has exceptional endurance. This Granite requires the least amount of care and upkeep, making it suitable for high-activity areas. This flooring is appropriate for commercial settings as well as high-end shops. The hue Rosy Pink is relatively consistent. 

The most excellent part about this Granite is that it does not require sealing. Ideally, this is the most suitable quality for selecting granite countertops, but pink hues are not chosen for the kitchen. 


As a result of its extensive application, this stone is increasingly being used worldwide. Also, this granite stone is the best option if the environment is concerned since the environmental concern is at an all-time high in today’s world! It is carved by nature into enormous blocks and slabs. No stone is more organic than this one. It just necessitates the Earth’s modest processing. 

Granite is a natural material that is both ecologically beneficial and long-lasting. The extended life cycle, durability, ease of maintenance, and recyclability of this stone are all advantages for the environment. 

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